An ode to the senses

It is in the heart of Africa that Zina Perfumes was born, a craft perfumery that offers incense, traditional concentrated perfumes commonly called Khumra in Chad, and home sprays.

Since the dawn of time, the breath of perfumery has always rocked Chad. Preserved parsimoniously like a jewel and passed on to several generations by the brave and charming Chadian women, this secret is finally revealed to the whole world by Zina Perfumes.

All of our products are shaped by the soft hands of Chadian women who communicate to these sweet smells all their passion for perfumery. Thanks to an immense know-how, our products are put in bottles as precious as the value of this jewel.

Zina Perfumes will draw from the depths of nature its raw materials of very high quality and organic in their pure state. Our house opens up a new world where the sense of smell takes you to the most beautiful destinations.

We believe that the evocative power of a smell is much stronger than that of an image or a sound because the smell reaches directly to the brain and provokes a recognition, a memory, a pleasure, a journey through time.

Zina perfumes, it's quite a story to bear. You will always be at the heart of our perfumery. Simply enjoy the wonders that we have to offer you.

Zina Perfumes

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